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Welcome to my page!

Taking photographs professionally since 2000.

All WorkOn this page - this is my Creativity score. Each picture is a piece of my soul. I like to experiment and am open to bold and original ideas!

Andrej Chernenko

Everyone has a passion. My passion - photographing it.

As a wedding photographer I am very grateful to all those who rely on such an important day me and allows me to record their happiest moment. For every wedding with the young feel the happiness and joy felt by the young . I am trying to each photo reflects the wonder and love, which brought together close to two hearts.

Wedding Photography - it is a separate genre. Wedding photographer is always the most important guest of the festival. Everything will be eaten, drink this, wedding dresses hide deep cabinet, and a beautiful wedding pictures will become a family relic.

As a wedding photographer I have great experience, Individual style, professional equipment. I can offer you a wedding 'photo menu' from the classical genre, and reportage to own custom shooting options - most importantly, make sure you have enough for the courage and desire. I, as a wedding photographer, I try to pay appropriate attention to each client, taking into account his wishes, so that together all the fantasies. I guarantee wedding photos high quality and a good mood! Stop the time, caught in the emotion - it is a wedding photo.

Wedding photographer - a man who not only your shots, but also puts a little piece of yourself on your wedding photos. Professional photographer - a guarantee that, after many years of your wedding pictures will entertain children and grandchildren. Wedding photos - is the art and wedding photo album with the year will be of great value. This is one of the financial investment on which you will not regret it never.

Visit my Photo Gallery. I hope that you are interested in how people creative and wedding photographer. I want everyone to find my pictures something close to yourself.

Wedding photographer are magicians, let me work with you to make your wedding memorable day in the life.

With respect Andrei Chernenko

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